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Come step into my shoes, see the world through my eyes

And know what it's like to be me..

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♥ Amy ♥
30 September
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my journal is half friends
only n half opened to the public..
i just write all the juicy stuff
in the friends section..
so feel free to add me
i will def. add u back

just a lil about me:
Im 20, im a junior at
Marymount College (of Fordham U)
and I just transfered from
Southern New Hampshire University
i have brown hair, hazel eyes,
im a shorty (5'3"),
just look in the interests

"It's not about who you knew longest or who came first. Its about who came and never left your side, always told the truth, barely ever lied. . . who you know you can turn to when times get tough, and even when you feel like dieing, they are the ones that make you tough. They'll make fun of you, they understand when no one else can, they dont care what other people think of you, and they'll always back you up, and even when you're retarded as fuck, they still love you. Yeah they're your girls to the end, the only ones you can truly call your best friends. We weren't born sisters but we knew from the start that fate brought us together to be SISTERS BY HEART.."


When the keg has been kicked,
When the liquor has run dry,
After the tears have fallen
over that 'perfect' guy,
When the party is over,
When we're passed out on the floor,
When we cant keep kickin ass
in Beirut anymore,
We'll still be friends cause
we'll all know the deal--
We're each other's girls
and we'll always keep it real.


.:Smiles and tears giggles and laughs*:.
.:*Late night calls and cute photographs*:.
.:*I'll be there for you til the day of my death*:.
.:*Best girlies 4ever til my very last breath*:.


im one of the hott_babes ;)

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my pet!

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"Work like you don't need the money, lovelike you've never been hurt, and dance like you do when nobody's watching."

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