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im so stressed and tired.. i want school to be over with for good..

i have 2 finals thursday (ethics and math) and one monday (chemistry).. sooo i better do good on those oooor im getting kicked out of school pretty much..

so my summer schedules sucks SOoO much.. its not even funny.. i'm taking:

statistics M-Th at wcc from 8-11am: May 22-June 22
Spanish I M-F at purchase from 1-4:35pm: May 22-June 9
Accounting (online) at wcc from: May 30-July 26
Spanish II M-F at purchase from 1-4:35pm: June 12-June 30

each are 4 credits.. so im going to DIE.. thankfully my parents are paying my credit card(s) and phone bill cause i'll only be able to work weekends.. but yea.. no fun for amyyyyyyyy

so next week I am going to party hardy.. yuuuup.. cause i wont be able to til august!! ahhhhhhhh!!

i hate my life
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